We Are Career Scientists. A New Type Of Coach.

We Use DATA in our coaching.

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Corporations use DATA to make informed decisions.

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Career Scientists have superpowers.

Get Meaningful Insights. Better Coaching. Better Results.

Make Informed decisions

What Are Career Scientists?

Career Scientists are  a new breed of career and business coach analytical data experts.

Career Scientists have the technical skills to solve complex issues surrounding planning a career, getting a job, starting and growing a business, personal branding and upskilling. 

 Career Scientists know how to use data to optimize and customize your action plan.

Career Scientists know how to ask the right questions.  They know how to refine the data.  They know what to measure and benchmark.

Career scientists use data to help professionals and students to create a career action plan.

Good decisions are based on facts, not opinions and emotions. We deliver best in class analytics. It is more than just data, it is competitive intelligence that gives you a career and business advantage.

Career scientists use data to help professionals and students to create a career action plan.

A Career Scientist uses the same Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools that HR uses to hire you. Beyond owning and using the new ATS systems, on a daily basis they use the same AI and ML software tools that are utilized by some of the largest employers .

A Career Scienitst use the same AI and ML tools marketers use to understand markets.  Targeted marketing results in more career and business opportunities to increase revenue.

Analyze Your Competitiveness

We use AI and ML tools to analyze your expertise reputation score with hiring managers and recruiters.

Analyze Job Trends

Using the most current data, we help you stay ahead of the curve with industry and job trends.

Analyze Your Behavior & Personality

We use the same AI and ML tools that many companies now use to evaluate your soft skills.

Analyze Upskilling for Relevance

We have tools to help you create a learning path that keeps your relevant, influencial, and in-demand.

Analyze Leadership Reputation

We have tools to measure and increase your public leadership reputation. A great leadership reputation score leads to more opportunities.

Analyze Personal Brand

We have AI and ML tools to help you analyze your current professional brand and create a path to professional social influencer.