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Career scientists use data to help professionals and students to create a career action plan.

What does a Career Coach Do?

Career Coaches use a solution-oriented approach to support and advise people on pathways to achieve personal career goals. They use cutting edge techology and data to create actionable insights to establish SMART Goals.

We have the tools you need from career coaching, resume review, interview prep to negotiating your compensation.

Career Coaches will not do the work for you.  They provide you with expertise, frameworks, and tools to develop a framework to achieve your career goals. 


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Executive and Leadership Coaching

What does an executive and leadership Coach Do?

An executive and leadership coach works with executives and high-potential employees to help them to improve emotional intelligence, to develop leadership skills that attract top talent, and to learn frameworks for balancing competing stakeholder goals

Winners and Successful Executives.  The higher you rise in a corporation, the more employees depend on you.  The number of KPIs you are responsible for expands, and the importance of your day to day responsibilities grows.  What doesn’t grow is your group of trusted advisors.

That’s why successful CEOs like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey have hired executive coaches. 

We are Executive and Leadership coaches with extensive knowledge based on data, research and a deep understanding of the “Future of Work”. 

Why are traditional engagement solutions failing? What’s working?

To find out, we spent thousands of hours with hundreds of the world’s most admired, influential, and forward-thinking companies.  We did a deep dive on what leaders need to do to lead in a global, digital and knowledge economy. Our Exective and Leadership Coaching CLARITY™ Framework is based on our research.

We coach leaders how to successfully lead in the 21st Century.

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