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  • Big Thinks Magazine July 2020
    Big Thinks Magazine July 2020 explores the tipping Point for where we work, how we work and the Future of Work.
    Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council
  • 5 Trends Shaping The Future of Work
    Five trends are emerging that will further alter the social agreement between employers and employees as the future of work is reimagined and rebuilt.
    Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council
  • Inflation OR Inflection?
    As governments and the central banks of the world are pumping trillions of dollars into their countries, questions arise: is this going to trigger a 1970s-like level of inflation?
    Evelina Roseman, Ph.D., Chief Economist
  • The Digital Transformation of the Hospitality Business
    The pandemic has catapulted businesses everywhere into the digital-first world. This digital transformation includes the Hospitality Industry. Those who do not pivot quickly and adapt even more technology will be left behind in this very competitive industry.
    Judy Romano
  • Emotional Intelligence in Product Management
    Aligning with our customer’s perspective lets us accurately identify “pain points” they encounter while performing tasks and accomplishing outcomes that are important to them.
    Lisa Musich
  • Tipping Point: COVID Has Accelerated the Adoption of Telehealth for Aging in Place
    Teleheath will create better care for our senior population. They are is almost twice as likely to develop serious complications than the younger population.
    Karyn Mullins
  • The Tipping Point: Technology and Creativity
    Home Big Thinks Magazine Big Thinks Big Thinks Editors What I appreciate most about being present in the tech industry as a woman is that you can bring your unique perspective and trace connections between different domains in your projects. As technology evolves continuously, you can merge your creativity with your technical skills and have […]
    Alexandra-Maria Dobrescu
  • Tipping Point: Business and Technology Partnership
    The pandemic has caused a shift in customer behavior and has opened business opportunities for products and services, addressing the current customer needs focused on social distancing.
    Rashmi Verma
  • Artificial Intelligence Shifts Power
    Tracy Levine Forbes Coaches Council, Interviews David Binnion, an Artificial Intellegence (AI) Expert on how AI can shift the balance of power in society.
    Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council
  • Creating Customer Connections While Social Distancing
    How sales professionals are creating customer connections with customers.
    Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council