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Our mission is to provide students with future-proof career planning


Our Mission is to provide Future-Proof Career Planning so that students will benenefit from more career opportunities, job offers, money, and credibility.

We do this by using data-driven insights that help students gain skills that empowers others to be successful – businessess, non-profits, and governments.

Why? To solve the growing problem of student unemployment because of skill misalignment.

Our Vision

Extraordinary Careers

We live in a world where people think that finding personal greatness is rare, and when someone does tap into their greatness we splash their pictures and words across the media. In business, they have a following as loyal as a social media influencer. Why? Because you and I both strive to win in our lives and careers and we’re looking for clues on how to be great.

Greatness lives within all students, so don’t be afraid to reach for your full career potential. Your inner greatness and, by extension, your extraordinary career is achievable, and you only have to activate it.

Tracy Levine, CEO Advantage Talent, Inc. andForbes Coaches Council

Tracy Levine


Founder: Future-Proofing Me


Advantage Talent, Inc. CEO / Forbes Coaches Council

Tracy Levine

I believe that every career is personal. The connection we have with our career determines how happy we are with the career path chosen. We must understand our mission, vision, and values and bond with them, and make them a part of our career dream. Our Purpose-Driven Career Dream is our success dream.

Future-Proofing Me Co-Founder

Michael Levine, CEO Advantage Talent, Inc., Forbes Technology Council

Michael Levine: As seen in Forbes, WSJ, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Journal of Accountancy

Co-CEO & Chief Transformational Officer of Advantage, Inc. / Forbes Technology Council / Award Winning Author / AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner / GAIQ / RPA Developer / CPA