Really Attractive Candidates Get Hired in Uncertain Times

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Really Attractive Candidates Are Different

Top differentiators:

  1. Personally Agile
  2. Priortize others
  3. Act Decisively
  • Personally Agile

    Really attractive candidates do not rest on their past accomplishments.  They are constantly reading, researching and exploring trends in their field and industry to keep their skills up to date.

  • Priortize Others

    Everybody does some type of networking.  However, really attractive candidates network differently.  They priortize the health and well beinng of the people in their network.  When they connect with people, they approach each relationship from an abundance attitude.  They give value first.

  • Act Decisively

    Attractive Candidates have determined what they want their career to look like at the end of uncertainty.  They understand, the actions taken today determine their career tomorrow.  

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